Thursday, December 2, 2010

SMARTboard Tool Directions: The Magic Tunnel

The Magic Tunnel

To begin, select a blank page. Using your toolbar, find the shape icon.

(This is a blue circle and orange square overlapping)

Select the option to create a rectangle. When the cross-hair symbol appears, drag it down and to the right to create a box. Click on the black arrow. Using the color palette option, change the color of your background and the color of the box.

To do this, first click on the area OUTSIDE of the box you drew. (The background.) Next, click on the color palette and select any color. I like to use bright colors. The background (and the box) should become this color. Now, click on the box (look for the “work box.”). Click on the color palette again and select a color for the box. You should have a page split into two colors. You might have to play around a little to make the boxes look the way you wish. There is no real “order” for coloring in the boxes—feel free to do it whenever you want.

Lock your box in place.

Now, draw another box (you can also use a circle to create a cylinder) and center it part way across both of your original boxes. Click on your black arrow, and then on the color palette. Change this box to a third color. If you want, you can type a phrase into this last box (The Magic Tunnel), but you do not have to. For now, leave the box unlocked.

Type an equation and position it on the left side. Next, change the font color of the first part of the equation to match the RIGHT side color. For example, if you use green on the left and blue on the right, color the first part of your equation in BLUE. Change the second part of the equation (what you want revealed) to the color on the left side.

If you “grab” your equation now, and slide it “through” the tunnel (it will go in front), you will see how the parts appear and disappear. Now, you need to arrange your blocks so that your tunnel works.

Click on your tunnel, select the grey box and look for the “order” option. Choose “bring to front.” You will have to do this with each equation you create.

**In order to keep the tunnel magic, you will want your students to only drag the equation THROUGH the tunnel. **